Who did not know the world champion Jacques SECRÉTIN !

His name has marked our minds forever. The words "table tennis" and "ping-pong" will remain associated with it.

For decades, this magician has been the dream of generations of table tennis players and non-table tennis players around the world. From the standard-bearer competitions of the French team to its technical demonstrations and burlesque shows, everything was successful..

A few months before his untimely death, Jacques SECRÉTIN was preparing this new humorous show with Thomas BOUVAIS, a great handisport champion, and as in his previous show the “Music-Ping-Show”, he naturally proposed to LI Jian Min to play the substitutes in case failure of one of them.

And it is with good reason that Li JIAN MIN takes over the role of Jacques SECRÉTIN in "Les As Du Ping".

According to Jacques SECRÉTIN's wishes: The show must go on !


The Crew

Li Jian Min Chinese international Li Jian Min has nothing more to prove. His quality of play, his humor make him the ideal replacement, wanted by Jacques Secrétin.
Thomas Bouvais Médaille de Bronze

Thomas Bouvais, international disabled sportsman, present in the biggest international competitions, has not finished surprising us.

An unparalleled combativeness for this small man, but great in this lesson in life that he shares with us with great humility.


Patrick Mozola, is the host / manager / co-author of the show.

Jean-Marc Boiteux, is the general / sound stage manager and co-author of the show.

Alain Mardaga is the light manager.


Patrick Renversé, European Table Tennis Champion is not part of the poster, but is co-author of the show.




This 1.15 hour show is aimed at a large audience. It is played in concert halls, theaters, schools, but also in gymnasiums during any cultural or sporting event.

Whether you are a cultural or sports department in a city, a sports association, a communications or events company, a private or public theater, this show is for you!

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