Chinese international, he has nothing more to prove. His quality of play and his humor make him the ideal replacement, wanted by Jacques SECRÉTIN.

- Chinese International

- Chinese Team Champion

- N ° 4 Foreigner playing in France

- Winner of the Romanian Open

- Winner of the Internationals in Irkutsk (city of Siberia in Russia)

- Many tournaments won in China

- Pro A player in Cergy Pontoise

- Pro B champion

- Grip of the pen holder and European racket

- Head of the AS Pontoise Cergy Training Center



Thomas Bouvais


international handisport, present in the biggest world competitions, it has not finished surprising us.
An unparalleled combativeness for this small man, but great in this lesson in life that he makes us share with a lot of humility.

 - nr 2 Mondial disabled

- 13 times Champion of France including 2021

- 4 times Champion of France in Double

- Vice World Team Champion

- 1/4 World Championship Final

- 3rd World Team Championships

- 3rd European Team Championships

- Quarterfinal singles at the London Paralympic Games

- 1 / 8th Finals singles at the Rio Paralympic Games

- "Ranked N ° 600 FFTT among enabled-bodied" playing at the Club of Levallois (France)


International and grand prizes :

- 55 medals (gold, silver and bronze)