“The travel diary of a tourist coming to challenge the Chinese Dragon through the little ping-pong ball"

In this new burlesque show, the two champions share their passion for ping and put themselves on the stage with humor. A breathtaking show offering a musical scenario where technical prowess, gags, laughter and magic are present to the delight of the public who do not hesitate to participate.

This show is a journey through the world in music and costumes, where we discover the different ways of playing table tennis in each country with an interactive part with the audience.

The show lasts 1.5 hours. A short 20 ’version is possible for events.

The animation is produced by Patrick MOZOLA, co-author of the show, sound design, general management and sound by Jean-Marc BOITEUX, co-author. In theater configuration, the lighting is carried out by Alain MARDAGA, lighting manager.

Patrick RENVERSÉ, European table tennis champion is not part of the poster, but is co-author of the show.

Organization :

This show is aimed at a large audience from all walks of life. It is played in concert halls, theaters, schools, but also in gymnasiums during any cultural or sporting event.

The organizers are the cultural or sporting services of cities, sports clubs, communication and events companies, schools and private or public theaters.